Supply Chain Council’s certification programs enable individuals to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in using the SCOR model. Like the SCOR model itself, SCOR certification is based on real-world techniques for measuring and managing a global supply chain, not on concepts or abstractions. 

For Professionals

The SCOR Professional (SCOR-P) certification program creates a consistent global standard for excellence in using SCOR. SCOR-P certification establishes in depth knowledge of the SCOR model and methods. SCOR-P requires a minimum of five years of supply chain management experience.

For University Students

The SCOR Scholar (SCOR-S) is designed for university students who do not yet possess significant experience. SCOR-S certification demonstrates understanding of supply chain management as interpreted via the SCOR Framework. It is the only program of its type in the world that provides professional certification of supply chain knowledge to students

Certification allows companies to rapidly assess skills and competencies of current personnel and recruits, and evaluate the effectiveness of training. Encouraging employees to achieve certification demonstrates your investment in their educational development, aiding recruitment and retention.