Welcome Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance members

Supply Chain Council (SCC) is pleased to welcome DMSCA members to our website. This page serves as the overview of the benefits DMSCA members have access to. For questions about your DMSCA membership or joining DMSCA please contact the Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance directly.

DMSCA 2010 Meeting Presentation

Please find the 2010 SCC Overview presentation here. Please find the 2010 Green SCOR Overview presentation here.

Training and Webinars

Supply Chain Council and NMMI have teamed up to provide DMSCA members with training on the value of benchmarking, how to organize a benchmarking program and how to interpret the results. For more information about the NMMI benchmarking training please contact DMSCA directly. Supply Chain Council hosts the 2009 Webinar Series where our members and supply chain experts can share case studies, research papers and developments. For 2009 these webinars are scheduled every Friday. Supply Chain Council extends this member benefit to NMMI members. Consult the upcoming webinar schedule to find relevant topics. Make sure you register for the webinar to reserve your seat and receive the information how to tune in.