M4SC Network

The secret to operating successful supply chains?
A well-defined, repeatable process for managing supply chains.

Our M4SC™ (Management for Supply Chains) trainings provide an actionable blueprint - the M4SC Framework - that enables companies to establish or expand well-defined and repeatable processes for managing their supply chains. The M4SC tools and techniques are used by companies that have proven track records in supply chain management. M4SC is the framework for implementing SCOR throughout your organization.

M4SC™ Align Network

Optimized supply chains are a competitive advantage. Optimizing supply chains starts with optimizing the network. Network management is about what you do where. M4SC Align Network processes help companies to align supply chain configuration ('network') to supply chain performance ('strategy').


Understand supply chain capabilities. Process optimization is an important component of managing supply chains, but often the problem is bigger than an individual process. Learn to analyze your current supply chain configuration. Answer the question: Is my supply chain capable to meet our performance goals?

From supply chain goals to optimized networks. The functions (factories, warehouses, suppliers, customers) in your supply chain need to be aligned - what you do where, and how well may need to change periodically. Gain practical techniques to reconfigure your supply chains. Answer the question: What changes do we need to make to our network?

Build credibility. A well-defined supply chain network is a competitive advantage and increases your team's credibility with senior management, other departments, suppliers and customers. M4SC Network helps you develop and maintain competitive supply chains.

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