The resources section of the website provides visitors and members access to supply chain management tools and knowledge. Most information is members-only. Resource categories include:

  • blogs - Written by SCC staff, instructors and expert practitioners the blogs provide insights in the experiences others have in supply chain management, problem solving, frameworks or other relevant topics. Blog entries represent the opinion of the respective authors, not necessarily the consensus view of SCC.
  • Presentations and publications - We have gathered and uploaded all presentations from our past events. The document archive contains these presentations and other publications by SCC, SCC members and others. Documents can be filtered by industry (where applicable) and/or searched for keywords. Currently the search does not read in the documents, only the descriptions.
  • Special interest groups and industry groups - The SCC SIGs and IGs are groups of practitioners that share a common interest or industry and meet to discuss topics relevant to the group. Many of these groups evaluate new intellectual property released by SCC for their area of interest or industry. These groups are volunteer driven. 
  • SCC bookstore - Find some of the relevant books in our bookstore. This service for our members is not intended to provide a complete overview of all relevant printed publications. 

There are more resources than the ones listed here. Please select the relevant item from our website menu or use the search functionality to find specific key words. 

Providing Feedback

SCC has two methods to collect and publish feedback about the resources on our website. The easiest and quickest every user can do: We ask users to rate documents and books based on how valuable and relevant the content is , using the 5-star logic: 

  • 1 star: Not relevant and/or not valuable (0%)
  • 2 stars: Little relevancy/value, read others first (25%)
  • 3 stars: Somewhat relevant or valuable (50%)
  • 4 stars: Relevant and valuable (75%)
  • 5 stars: Strongly recommended reading material, must read (100%)

Please give your input by choosing at least one star, not rating tells users nothing about the document. If it was of no value/relevance then others will value your input of 1 star.

Alternatively we ask expert users to write a review in our blogs. If you have the time to write a review of a book or presentation then please contact us at [email protected], +1-202-962-0440 or one of our regional offices to discuss becoming a blogger on the SCC website.