Steps to Certification

Supply Chain Council takes SCOR certification very seriously. Our SCOR Professional examinations are administered and rated by an independent, trusted organization. Our exams are computer-based and administered in over 600 test centers in 500 cities in 100 countries. The overview below provides the process to follow to achieve SCOR Professional certification by Supply Chain Council.

Steps to become certified

With multiple organizations involved in the certification process it maybe difficult to understand who to contact. The table below shows the 9 steps to certification, with contact information and resources for more information.

  Step  ActivityResources
1Schedule your Framework and Problem Solving with SCOR classes
Find the workshops that meet your schedule or contact us to discuss training opportunities in your company or city. Students attending in-house workshops administered by the Supply Chain Council also qualify for SCOR-P examination and certification.
Education schedule
2Attend the Framework and Problem Solving with SCOR classes
To get most value out of our workshop-style trainings, we recommend you actively participate, ask questions and most important: take notes. Our instructors provide additional examples to clarify the concepts and use. Your workshop notes are an important part of you preparation work for the SCOR-P exam.
3Receive your NTS (Notice to Schedule)
Within 2 weeks of completion of the Project class you will receive an email with information how to schedule your examination at one of our testing centers. Please contact Jacqueline Keus if you have not received your NTS within 2 weeks upon attending the Project class. 
Send email or 
4Schedule your examination appointment
Follow the instructions in your Notice-to-Schedule to reserve a seat in one of our testing centers at a date that works for you. SCOR-P exams are administered year-round. Availability varies by testing center. Schedule early to ensure you find a date and time that matches your schedule. Rescheduling is permitted at no additional cost if conditions are met. Your NTS is valid for one (1) year, during this year you can schedule and re-schedule. No rescheduling is permitted within 72 hours of scheduled exam.
NTS email and
5Prepare for the exam
Review the class slides and your workshop notes, and review the example questions in the sample questions booklet. If you need support or want to discuss a topic with other candidates and/or certified professionals you may use the forums.
Certification Handbook and
Sample Questions 
6Sign in at the testing center
Arrive on-time. Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled examination time. Make sure you bring your scheduling confirmation and required forms of identification. Without these documents you cannot take your exam. There are no exceptions. You can reprint your confirmation by logging in to your WebAssessor account. Leave personal items at home. A complete list of prohibited items is listed in the Certification Handbook.
Certification Handbook
7Complete the test
You have 2 hours to complete all the questions on the exam. The questions are multiple choice. The staff at the testing center can not help you with the examination questions. Report equipment and/or functionality issues immediately to testing center staff. Plan your time so that you do not use your time up early in the examination and do not have enough time later in the examination.
8Receive your test results
Candidates will receive their examination results upon completing the exam. A minimum score of 75 must be obtained in order to achieve a passing score. Results are confidential and will be reported to Supply Chain Council only. If you pass the examination you will receive a score report with a “PASS” notice. If you fail you will receive a score report with a “FAIL” notice. A numeric score will be provided for each content area (topic) will be provided to help prepare for a retake. Overall numeric scores are not provided. 
9Receive your SCOR-P certificate
Passing certification candidates will receive a wall certificate. SCC will send the certificate to the address you provided at the time of WebAssessor user account registration. Certificate holders and their employers may also verify certification status online.
Online Certificate Validation