SCORmark Benchmarking

Ready to get started? A complete description of the process including contact information and links to the benchmarking web portal can be found on our steps of benchmarking page. Returning? Resume a benchmark in progress (links to PMG website). Find answers to frequently asked questions frequently asked questions.

Simple. Confidential. Fast. Secure.

Through an alliance with Performance Measurement Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PwC, SCC members have access to confidential benchmarking based on the Supply Chain Operations Reference® model metrics. Companies generally use SCOR-based benchmarking to:

  • Set reasonable performance goals based on the SCOR model
  • Calculate performance gaps against a global database
  • Develop company-specific roadmaps for supply chain competitive success

Benchmark your supply chains using the trusted SCOR metrics. This is a member benefit, members may submit data for each supply chain. Data submitted to SCORmark must be from supply chains of SCC member companies. SCORmark is not available to academic organizations and consultancies.

SCORmark peer sample  SCORmark peer sample  

SCORmark benchmarking was developed to provide greater value for Supply Chain Council members. It supports and integrates seamlessly into the analyze phase of the SCOR model resulting in a benchmark report that highlights where an organization stands against selected peer groups. The steps to complete a full SCORmark benchmark with important links and a sample report are described on our Steps of benchmarking page. Find answers to frequently asked questions here. For members we also have a great Tutorial to help you get started.