Through an international network of more than 25 instructors delivering training classes in multiple languages, Supply Chain Council (SCC) educates organizations on the use and application of the SCOR and M4SC frameworks. Learn how to interpret SCOR, get your next project started or how to integrate M4SC in your organization.

  • SCOR - Learn the de facto standard language for supply chain and how to use SCOR to solve supply chain problems. Certification testing is available upon completing our SCOR Framework and Problem Solving with SCOR trainings.
  • M4SC - Gain the knowledge how to implement well-defined and repeatable processes for managing supply chains. Select the area that matches your need: Strategy, Network, Process or Resources, or become an all-round expert and attend them all.

Our public trainings and certifications are available for members and non-members. Special pricing is available to SCC members and our affiliates. Plubic training is most suitable to train a few individuals or assess our courses. Contact us about group training at your company.